teens / adults m.m.a.

cardio kickboxing (ckb)

Cardio Kickboxing it is a NEW 30-minute combative high-intensity Heavy Bag Workout and Combat Fitness session that torches up to 800 calories while building Agility, Speed, Mobility, Strength, Power and Cardiovascular Endurance. Students rapidly improve their physiques as well as their ground and standup fight skills. Every 30 minutes session delivers a constantly varied, hardcore full body workout that keeps your mind engaged and your body challenged.

Where Cardio meets Fighting…

Your hands will shake, your legs will burn, you will swear and you might cry but the fat will melt off your body. After only few sessions you will quickly increase your horsepower, slim down, tone up, move faster, feel stronger, hit and kick harder. Your strikes will become a skill that more likely will help you to survive a dangerous encounter.

Our Cardio Kickboxing program is part of our Mixed Martial Arts Program. If you are curious about it please continue reading on this page if not CLICK HERE to save your spot in our Awesome Cardio Kickboxing Class!

teens / adults m.m.a.

kickboxing (bbc & mc)

After the awesome 30 min high intensity workout from Cardio Kickboxing the students enrolled in our Teens/Adults M.M.A. BBC (Black Belt Club) and MC (Master Club) Programs will stay another 15min (BBC) or another 30 min (MC) working on a KICKBOXING BELT SYSTEM curriculum.

BBC students will train all the combos and physical part as a MMA fighter without getting hit. So for BBC is no sparring.

MC Students will train and learn the Full Fighting Art of Kickboxing including Light Contact and Full Contact Sparring. Here the drills are getting more intense and the sparring gets to the Ring or Cage competition level.

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Where Fighting and Martial Arts Meet

Don’t get discouraged! Most of the students we have take this training to become a Black Belt in Kickboxing. Just the instructors and few members train to compete in Full Contact MMA Tournaments. YOU can make it to the Black Belt if you will start training now. Try for free one or two classes! Sign up now!

WEIGHT LOSS is another benefit of our highly developed Mixed Martial Arts curriculum. Maybe you heard the rummer that we will work you hard… well, it’s TRUE but at the end when you see the fat melting off you and your new TONED BODY will show in just few classes you will SMILE and come back for more.

Training with us many of our members notice better Cardiovascular Conditioning, increase Muscular Development, improve of their Flexibility and the new skill that they can use to Defend Themselves.

All these while Taking an Amazingly Fun Class! 

At Tsawwassen Martial Arts in MMA Program Men and Women train together in this high energy, exciting MMA workout.

Looking for Fun, Results, Get Fit, and Meet New People? Sign Up Below!

teens / Adults mma

Brazilian jiu jitsu (bJJ)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is the final part of our Tsawwassen Martial Arts MMA Program. You can do just Grappling / BJJ as separated program or combined with our Kickboxing Program. Ask us how you can save money and train in both programs.

We can proof that our BJJ Program here at Tsawwassen Martial Arts it is very practical and ESSENTIAL TO any self-defense situation especially for WOMEN.


Where size no matter…only skills DO.

In the BJJ Program here at Tsawwassen Martial Arts men and women train together in “The Game Of Jiu Jitsu” in a safe and fun manner. Ego (NO AMIGO in TMA) is left at the door and no matter what technical level you are you will have a good sweat learning top of the line skills and having fun.

Age no matter either. Actually, BJJ is known as “The Gentle Art” and does not incorporate any strikes or hitting of any kind.

Do you want to learn break falls, throws, a mixture of wrestling techniques paired with a “Kimono” or ”Gi” that allows for a variety of submissions and techniques? Sign Up Now!