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In our Complete Kids Martial Arts Program, your child will learn leadership qualities including respect, confidence, discipline, positivity, self esteem, and so much more!


Krav Maga Force is a modern self-defence system designed to address and defend against any violent confrontation. We offer classes for kids, teens and adults.


Our kickboxing classes will help you move quicker, punch harder & kick higher. Improve technique & burn fat at the same time in our high intensity workouts!


Bet you thought our Tsawwassen Martial Arts (TMA) school was just a super cool place to really get Fit and really learn Martial Arts and Self-Defense... well, you’re right, but it's a lot MORE than just that!

As you get stronger, fitter and faster, you’ll also start to notice some changes that most of our students didn’t know would happen. Especially the younger ones. Both parents and students are totally amazed by the subtle changes that happen when you train in TMA. 

Benefits of Tsawwassen Martial Arts Programs: 

1.    Boosting Your CONFIDENCE Level

In very short time training with us you will notice a big CONFIDENCE boost. Our unique training will make you stronger, will change the way you feel, the way walk, the way talk and even the way you think about yourself and others.. You’ll realize that with all your hard work, your instructor’s guidance, and consistently showing up - you are capable of crushing your goals! And it makes sense when you think about it. As you practice and test yourself both physically and mentally going through our sometimes-challenging training methods you’ll experience a sense of accomplishment that’s incredibly satisfying and fulfilling. At the end of the day you will feel more sure of your ability to handle whatever other challenges life throws your way. We love seeing this develop in our students

 2.    Increases the ability to FOCUS

Martial Arts as the School sometimes is challenging. So, because sometimes the techniques are challenging, they require your full attention. You have to concentrate hard on listening to the instructor, then performing at your very best level what they taught you. That concertation my friend will start to build crucial links in your brain which boost your ability to focus better and naturally pours into all other areas of your life including School. No short cuts here … No Hocus, No Pocus only FOCUS! 

3.    Brings your FITNESS level to the next level

Every single one of our classes is a BLAST and is loaded with challenging, fun functional fitness exercise. Dynamic striking, high intensity intervals of cardio training, and movements that mimic how the human body should move are our focus. Don’t worry if you think you won’t be able to keep up… you will. Because you're so focused on performing techniques, and having so much fun, you hardly notice the FITNESS aspect of the class. (😊Cool trick hm?). Before you know it, the class is over, and you not only learned powerful martial arts and self-defence got a great workout, too. We work with all levels from total beginner to pro athlete.And you know what...they all sweat the same at the end of our workouts! Being physically fit is very important in everyone’s life - boosts energy, giving mental clarity and confidence as well.

4.    Gives you a Second FAMILY and True FRIENDS

We are a big family and a tight-knit group here. And our members and instructors are all about helping you succeed and making lasting friendships. Yes! We are all about support and friendship. Kids and adults both make friends with the other members, and as a result, our community thrives. The energy here at TMA is one that fosters friendship, encouragement, and motivation. It's truly great to experience this. 

5.    FUN – Kept this last because it is my favorite.

We like FUN! Martial Arts is a way of life for us and we want you to have a good life too. We work hard but we play hard too. We are Focused, we Work Hard, we are SOLID, we are KIND, each day we become The Best Version of Ourselves and yes…we Sweat but Laugh can be heard throughout every class. And that’s how the time here at TMA flies. Oh, almost forgot…high fives and TONS of support are part of every TMA class.  

Looking forward to training with you soon!



Jonathan broad - Head instructor

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