A Fun, Structured, Supervised Program for Your Children That Teaches Them Confidence, Pride & Respect!

After School Program

Your child will have a blast spending time with friends and participating in the following fun and safe after school activities:

  • Karate and Taekwon-Do

  • Fitness Classes

  • Character Development

Our program has been designed to assist parents in providing the tools and skills each child needs to overcome daily obstacles. Whether this involves being bullied at school, feeling peer pressure from friends, lacking focus with schoolwork, or experiencing low self-esteem, The after School Program focuses on self-improvement through the principles of martial arts.

Students are picked up daily after school and transported to our facility where engage with other children in a fun and sage environment. As the kids progress, a leadership element will be implemented in their program where they get hands on leadership experience in younger classes.

This program is available for children between the ages of 6 to 12. Please note, our program is not a daycare. Our program is first and foremost about fitness, martial arts and learning!


What to expect:

  1. Children in the program are picked up from school between their let out time and before the end of supervised school hours.

  2. They are driven back in a fully inspected and serviced vehicle driven by a licensed responsible adult. Car seats will be used for children required to have one.

  3. Once they are back at the gym, they follow a schedule filled with completing their homework, taking their martial arts class that is scheduled for the day and completing provided leadership work or educational documentaries about jiu jitsu, kickboxing, mma and martial arts in general.

  4. Our martial arts classes run 5 days a week! Their membership is included in the program!

  5. Full and Part time attendance is available (we will work with your schedule!)