Adult Krav Maga

Krav Maga it is a self-defense system developed by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force)

Krav Maga is about living with confidence, building a healthy body through strength, skill, ability, and agility. While military and law enforcement around the world use it on the front lines, the average citizen is using it to get their mind and body in the best shape ever.

We are the Official Krav Maga Force National Training Center in Canada

Our unique training methodology takes people of all walks of life, shapes, and sizes and transforms them into a highly self confident and fit individuals.

Showing up and following the program will help you to develop a strong body and strong mind, along with the strongest self-defense and skills possible. All you need to do is commit to showing up and putting in the work — we take care of the rest.

We provide Women Only Classes and Co-ed classes. The Belt System is white (beginner), yellow, orange and green (intermediate), blue, brown, and black (advanced).